Hohoho… What a relief for a while…

I’ve just completed my 6-week English pre-sessional course. Officially.. Well, I would like to say that first of all, I enjoy couple of things. Despite the cold weather and will be colder and colder, I am starting to get accustomed to it. It’s completely new for me. I lived in a ‘summer all year long’ country where sun shine is a part of my life. But here, we are always exciting when the sun is shining… 🙂 It’s lovely. I got the sense what the tropics means to them. I got the sense. Thus, I eat a lot and still fine. lol. I mean, back home if I had meal, often I got wet while eating. Very possible it happened because of the spicy food and hot weather. And I always hated that. But here, well…. I would like to say I could have meal as much as I can and still fine… 🙂 :):)


Secondly, in terms of academic preperation, I make a good start with my academic writing in which gives me more preparation before the commencing my main course.